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Our new App "Zombie-kun fortune" was released!

To Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami victims

We were very saddened to hear about Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami.
We hope we'll be able to reconstruction soon. is a loosely-banded, easy-going group of Japanese manga artists who have responded to the calls for developing a totally new form of manga presentation for iPad and iPhone, and offering them to the people all over the world. It consists of various individual manga artists.

E-publishing is hot in Japan, but not much attention has been paid to the creative side of this concept, with majority of this phenomenon’s focus being put on the business aspect.
As creators of manga, when we faced these digital devices for the first time, which have the potential for expression far superior to the paper media, the first thought that came up to our mind was; How we wish to use them to involve in the advanced process of manga-making! Works that have colors, movements, live conversations, BGMs and interactive features… the creation of these have become possible with current PC technologies, even on individual basis.

Now that the infrastructure is here thanks to the Apple devices, there’s no time to lose. Thus, we developed an authoring software for iPad/iPhone for creating mangas enabled to be displayed with these devices, to bring our dream to reality. That’s how “CyberManga” has come to existence.

At this point we are just getting started, but we plan to continue to release our works via CyberManga. At the same time, we will be releasing the free authoring tool called “CyberManga Studio (β-version),” which we have developed for all the manga-creators that have the same aspiration as we do.

New manga revolution by the creators is now just around the corner.
We hope many young creators will join this movement, so please expect the great stuff from in the future!

Konohana Sakuya, Representative,





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