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Zombie-kun Fortune itunes store

Our Fortune-Drawing app is here! Voiced fully by the popular voice actress Yui Horie, it’s FREE to play! You can also link it to Twitter! Your fortune is delivered by Furuchi-san, the heroine from the first CyberManga “Uzozozo Zombie-kun,” who will be dressed in one of eight cosplays.

Her cosplay variation range from Chibi-angel, kitty girl, French maid and so on. We strongly recommend the “Tsun-dere (hostile in public, sweet in private)” class president version, a very rare role for a voice actress like Ms. Yui Horie. If you’re fan of Ms. Horie, you should definitely try!

The app also enables you to link to Twitter. You can send your fortune result images to Twitter to tweet about them. You can boast about your good luck or whine about the bad one. Z-Fortune will be a helpful tool for communication between you and your friends.

As a rule, you can draw one free fortune lot per day. However, if you don’t have patient, or you just can’t get enough of the voice of Hocchan, you can also buy them by paying a fee charged in the app. The money you pay will be used to produce the next story, so try as many fortunes as you want and support us at the same time!

There are over 120 fortune results, so you won’t find the same result twice!
Although you can only draw one fortune a day, you can view all the results you’ve drawn in the past, which will be shown in the list. Try collecting the complete set of results!

Z-Fortune is in Japanese, English, Spanish and Chinese. So it even helps you to study these languages!

Please be aware that the app’s volume is quite large, since it’s fully voiced. If you keep playing once a day, you’ll enjoy it for over 4 months… you’ll never lose your taste for it!
We hope you enjoy playing it.

CyberManga #1 itunes store


-This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
-Free App
-Category: Entertainment
-Released: Dec 21, 2010 )

This is our first App!
It moves! It talks! You join! Cyber Manga is the new manga of the next generation. The first production is Zombie-kun.

CV (character voice) : Nobuyuki Hiyama, Megumi Ogata, and Yui Horie!

You can decide the voice actor and actress on chapter 2 with multi cast system which you can change the cast without limit. You can choose triple role too! 

Characters will talk with full voice.

Story goes on when you tap on each frame. You can also watch with auto mode like Anime watching.

There are opening and ending movies too.

We made special manga only you can watch on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

CyberManga has been created with HD specification to be viewed on iPad (it is also enabled for Retina Display of iPhone4).
While still enjoying it with iPhone and iPad Touch, you can get the most out of its high-quality images on the larger-sized iPad screen.

Voice is by Japanese actor and actress only with Japanese but you can change the words in balloons to different languages.
The CyberManga is useful for studying foreign languages.

At Shikabane-cho all of the residents are zombies. The residents lived happy even if they are zombies. But after Zombie hunters of government appeared to the town, their destinies had been changed.

You can watch the CyberManga free.

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